#2X05 - Duane Barry

Production ##2X05
Airing Order205
Air DateOct. 14, 1994
TRT Blu-ray45:11
TRT DVD45:09
Story DateAug. 7, 1994
Main LocationRichmond, Virginia
Synopsis (DVD)While negotiating a tense hostage situation, Mulder finds himself sympathizing with a gunman who claims to be the victim of alien experimentation.

Chapters (DVD)

1Abducted Again
2Main Titles
4A Hostage Situation
5Mulder on the Line
6"Shots Have Been Fired"
7Medical Assistance
8Inside Duane's Head
9A Rare State of Psychosis
10Working Toward Resolve
11Moving In
13Duane Barry's Barcode
14A Face in the Window
15End Titles
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