#2X07 - 3

Production ##2X07
Airing Order207
Air DateNov. 4, 1994
Written byChris Ruppenthal and Glen Morgan & James Wong
Directed byDavid Nutter
TRT Blu-ray45:14
TRT DVD45:12
Story DateNov., 1994
Main LocationLos Angeles, California
Synopsis (DVD)While probing a series of ritualistic murders, Mulder becomes involved with a beautiful suspect who may be a vampire.

Chapters (DVD)

1Blood Lust
2Main Titles
3They Only Kill at Night
4The Night Watchman
5You Know What We Are
6No Escape
7Club Tepes
8Consenting Adults
9The Kristen Connection
10The Taste of Blood
11You Can Live Forever
12The Trinity
13The Blood of a Believer
14Ashes & Bones
15End Titles
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