#2X08 - One Breath

Production ##2X08
Airing Order208
Air DateNov. 11, 1994
Written byGlen Morgan & James Wong
Directed byR.W. Goodwin
TRT Blu-ray45:12
TRT DVD45:09
Main LocationWashington, D.C.
Synopsis (DVD)As a comatose Scully fights for her life, Mulder uncovers clues to her abduction, leading to a confrontation with the Cigarette-Smoking Man.

Chapters (DVD)

1Memories of Dana
2Main Titles
3Critical Condition
5Branched DNA
6Drawing Blood
7A Moment for the Family
8Placing the Blame
9Father & Daughter
10Confronting the Cancer Man
11Letter of Resignation
12A Chance for Vengeance
13The Strength of His Beliefs
14Back from Eternity
15End Titles
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