#2X09 - Firewalker

Production ##2X09
Airing Order209
Air DateNov. 18, 1994
Written byHoward Gordon
Directed byDavid Nutter
TRT Blu-ray45:12
TRT DVD45:09
Story DateNov. 11, 1994
Main LocationCascade Range, Washington
Synopsis (DVD)Mulder and Scully are stalked by a deadly new life form that has invaded the bodies of a volcanic research team.

Chapters (DVD)

1Shadows in the Heat
2Main Titles
3The FIrewalker Project
4Ghost Camp
5The Trouble with Trepkos
6No One Can Leave
7The Unknown Organism
8The Infection
10The Last Victim
11Mulder's Report
12End Titles
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