#2X13 - Irresistible

Production ##2X13
Airing Order213
Air DateJan. 13, 1995
Written byChris Carter
Directed byDavid Nutter
TRT Blu-ray45:14
TRT DVD45:12
Main LocationMinneapolis, Minnesota
Synopsis (DVD)With Scully's life hanging in the balance, Mulder pursues a death fetishist whose horrifying obsessions could lead to murder.

Chapters (DVD)

1Saying Good-bye
2Main Titles
3Moe Bocks
4More Bodies
5Death Fetishist
6Looking For A Date
7The New Delivery Man
8A Body Has A Story To Tell
9Night School
10Behind Bars
11Scully's Vulnerability
12Seeking Information
13Road Games
14Nowhere To Hide
15End Titles
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