#2X14 - Die Hand die Verletzt

Production ##2X14
Airing Order214
Air DateJan. 27, 1995
Written byGlen Morgan & James Wong
Directed byKim Manners
TRT Blu-ray45:14
TRT DVD45:14
Main LocationMilford Haven, New Hampshire
Synopsis (DVD)Mulder and Scully face the prospect of becoming human sacrifices when they uncover a Satan-worshipping cult led by a demonic substitute teacher.

Chapters (DVD)

1A Special School
2Main Titles
3The Last Of Jerry
4Hello, Mrs. Paddock
6Shannon's Memories
7Questioning The Parents
8Shannon's Sacrifice
9The Cover-up
11Ausbury's Awakening
12Feeding Time
13The Offering
14Good-bye, Mrs. Paddock
15End Titles
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