#2X15 - Fresh Bones

Production ##2X15
Airing Order215
Air DateFeb. 3, 1995
Written byHoward Gordon
Directed byRob Bowman
TRT Blu-ray45:14
TRT DVD45:14
Main LocationFolkstone, North Carolina
Synopsis (DVD)While investigating deaths at a Haitian refugee camp, the agents meet up with a vengeful voodoo priest who may possess the ability to raise the dead.

Chapters (DVD)

1Jack's Problem
2Main Titles
3Two Suicides
4Some Kind of Voodoo
5Simple Hatred
7Dead Man Walking
8Body Snatchers
9Dunham's Warning
10Interrupted Breakfast
11The New Mandate
12All That Blood
13The Photograph
14He Who Does Evil
15End Titles
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