#2X16 - Colony

Production ##2X16
Airing Order216
Air DateFeb. 10, 1995
Written byChris Carter
Directed byNick Marck
TRT Blu-ray44:55
TRT DVD44:53
Synopsis (DVD)During the murder investigation of three identical doctors, Mulder makes a stunning discovery regarding his missing sister, and Scully's life is threatened by a shape-shifting bounty hunter.

Chapters (DVD)

1A Fragile Faith
2Main Titles
3Rescue at Sea
4Identical Victims
5The Pattern
6Syracuse Shapeshifter
8Code Name: Gregor
9Dickens on the Run
10Chapel Checks Out
11What Scully Saw
12Welcome Home
13The Last Remaining
14Mulder & Mulder
15End Titles
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