#2X17 - End Game

Production ##2X17
Airing Order217
Air DateFeb. 17, 1995
Written byFrank Spotnitz
Directed byRob Bowman
TRT Blu-ray45:16
TRT DVD45:14
Synopsis (DVD)While tracking the ruthless bounty hunter who has abducted Scully, Mulder uncovers an alien plan to colonize Earth.

Chapters (DVD)

2Below the Ice
3Main Titles
4"Scully, It's Me"
5A Good Story
6Making the Trade
7Lost Again
8"I'm Not Your Savior"
9The Retrovirus
10A Hasty Public Meeting
11Where's Mulder?
12The Submarine
13Northern Exposure
14Back From the Brink
15End Titles
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