#2X18 - Fearful Symmetry

Production ##2X18
Airing Order218
Air DateFeb. 24, 1995
Written bySteve De Jarnatt
Directed byJames Whitmore, Jr.
TRT Blu-ray44:32
TRT DVD44:30
Main LocationFairfield, Idaho
Synopsis (DVD)Rare zoo animals are being abducted and impregnated in a case that Mulder believes may be linked to an alien conspiracy.

Chapters (DVD)

1Shock Wave
2Main Titles
3A Mystery in Idaho
4The Naturalist
5The W.A.O.
6Deadly Intrusion
8Elephant Autopsy
9Tiger, Tiger
10Sophie's Baby
11The Kyle Connection
12Her Last Resort
13Man Save Man
14For All Is Vanity
15End Titles
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